About Us

Established in 2007, AZ Organics, one of the top aluminum formwork suppliers in India, specializes as Aluminum Formwork shuttering contractors.

In addition to providing shuttering plates, we also have our own manufactured organic cleaner, Limpiador Alum 207, that we use to clean aluminum formwork materials, so that they can be refurbished.  It is organic and the main benefit of using Limpiador Alum 207 is that it can be recycled and neutralized easily and  can be reused.

Our Aluminum formwork system allows for efficiency, accuracy and a smooth finishing when forming Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) load bearers, framework for multi story buildings, walls and slabs.

We pride ourselves on workers safety, and as such our aluminium forms are light weight (no more than 25 kgs) and can be handled by labourers easily without resorting to heavy machinery, such as cranes.

In addition to it we also manufacture wide varieties of products in cleaning as given below. 

Soaps and cleaners, 

Hand wash liquid soap

Liquid floor cleaner

 Car wash liquid soap

How to use Limpiador Alum - 207

Manufactured by AZ Organics, Limpiador Alum – 207 is used to clean Aluminium shuttering plates easily. The steps of the process are given below.

Tank should be made up of polypropylene (PP) material

If tank is made up of mild steel (ms) then it must be coated with fibre reinforced plastic (FRP)

Before start cleaning work, you must use rubber hand gloves, safety goggles, gumboot, nose mask, plastic apron

Put and sink Aluminium shuttering plate into tank carefully for 10-15 minutes

Remove Aluminium shuttering plate carefully

Use high pressure water jet to clean removed plates from tank


What our customers say


I used the chemicals of AZ Organics. They gave me the material on time. And most importantly, they recycle chemicals. So we benefited a lot.

Dhananjay Lokhande


I have used your company many times. I have had great success with your Aluminium Formwork. I will keep you in mind for all my upcoming projects.

Santosh Narkar


Thank you, for all the wonderful work you and your crew are doing. Our team has nothing but good things to say - we are really fortunate to have found you for this project!

Raju Pathan