Aluminium Formwork

What is Aluminum Formwork?

In the field of construction, casts/moulds are used for forming the shape of a structure, such as multi story buildings, bridges etc.  Aluminum formwork or Mivan formwork is a construction system that is low in cost, simple and easily adaptable.  Workers can easily build floors, slabs, columns, beams, walls, stairs, balconies, etc. that are accurate and in line with the dimensions drawn by the architect.  The form work allows for a smooth finishing, which reduces the need for plastering.

Using Aluminum Formwork in Construction

Using pre fabricated metal formwork, walls and floors for rooms are raised. The lightweight, accurately made, metal formwork system is easy to handle for all spaces, including windows, doors, stairs etc., that can be joined together using pins and wedge formwork components.    Once the aluminum form is in place, concrete is poured into the moulds and left to cure before they are removed and reused. 

The aluminum shuttering plates can be reused once they go through the refurbishment process.  By reusing the formwork components, waste is drastically reduced at construction sites.  

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Removing Al Formwork Materials

When working with aluminum form work, the process of removing the forms from the concrete molds, requiring oxidation, can be time consuming and arduous.  We at AZ Organics developed our own aluminum formwork plate cleaning chemical, Limpiador Alum 207, which is safe for the environment and based on organic materials, sodium chloride, sodium fluoride etc.  

Although the cleaner is organic, we recommend workers protect themselves by using safety equipment such as rubber gloves, gumboots, masks, goggles etc.   

Aluminum Formwork Refurbishment Process

A leading company in aluminium formwork refurbishment in Pune, our process involves: 
Chipping : Removing the concrete stuck to the aluminum shuttering plates using a chipping machine.
Chemical Cleaning :  Cleaning the aluminum shuttering plates with our Limpiador Alum 207 cleaning solution
Water Jet Cleaning :  Using a high-pressure water spray, we rinse off the chemical cleaning solution from the plates.
Welding and Dimple Removal :  Repairing used aluminum shuttering plates using welding and dimple removal techniques.
Lacquer Coating :  Finally, to make it easy to remove the plates from the concrete molds, we add a lacquer coating so that they are ready to be used again.
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