We at AZ Organics manufactures wide varieties of products in cleaning as listed below.

Limpiador Alum - 207

We have our own manufactured organic cleaner, Limpiador Alum 207, that we use to clean aluminum formwork materials, so that they can be refurbished.  It is organic and the main benefit of using Limpiador Alum 207 is that it can be recycled and neutralized easily and  can be reused.
Our Aluminum formwork system allows for efficiency, accuracy and a smooth finishing when forming Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) load bearers, framework for multi story buildings, walls and slabs. 
We pride ourselves on workers safety, and as such our aluminium forms are light weight (no more than 25 kgs) and can be handled by labourers easily without resorting to heavy machinery, such as cranes.

Before using our cleaner Limpiador Alum 207, ensure that the tank is made of Polypropylene material. If the tank is made of mild steel then check to make sure it is coated with fibre reinforced plastic. Additionally, ensure your workers are fitted with rubber gloves, safety goggles, gumboots, plastic apron and nose mask. Simply follow these steps to know how to clean aluminum formwork shuttering plates.

  • Place the shuttering plates into a tank for 10-15 minutes
  • Remove the plates carefully
  • Use a high-pressure water jet spray to rinse the plates
  • The shuttering plates are ready to be used once again

Hand Wash Liquid Soap

Since covid 19 pandemic situations most people preferred and started use of liquid soap to wash their hands which minimizes the spreading of the harmful bacteria.
Soap bars have been said to hold microbes which can make people sick because the bars are often shared with others.
One study in 1988 saw scientists contaminate soap bars with 70 times the amount of bacteria that typically live on used soap.
We have our own manufacturing unit where we produce high quality liquid soap which can be used in various industries.
Over the course of more than 25 years of hard work with many large and small projects. We have worked out the best working process.

Floor Cleaner Liquid

Floors are most prone to accumulating dirt and need constant cleaning. Our floor cleaner liquid is used with water and is ideal for all purpose cleaner and disinfectant for various surfaces and types of floors.

Car Wash Liquid Soap

If you are looking for an ideal solution for washing your cars, two wheeler or any other type of vehicle then our car wash liquid soap will be best match for you. For any kind of business enquiry kindly write or connect with us.